Friday, December 4, 2015

How to Find the Service to Write the Paper for me

Review from a student 

My name is Lucas and I’m just about to become a graduate in History and Social Sciences. Since I work full time to support myself in university, I was looking for someone to write my research paper. My topic is not exactly that easy, because I chose to write about the sociological and economical effects the 2nd World War had on the population of Europe. This includes a lot of research, plenty of drafts and even more sleepless nights. The good news is that I could find reliable and trustworthy assistance.

Basically, I found a professional team of writers to write my paper. As I was researching online, I saw many ads of writers promising to complete an entire dissertation or research paper within a short timeframe. However, there were many untrustworthy sources out there. Finally, I came across a truly experienced team of online writers who would undertake my project. What is most important, I had to pay per page and not per project. I needed a paper of 50 pages in length, and I was charged per page. This is a very good thing in my opinion.

Finding the best essay writing services out there is quite challenging but not impossible. I will describe below how I proceeded and this will maybe help you as well find what you are looking for:

  • I used Goggle to research online writing services. I got plenty of results, but I knew not all of them are trustworthy;
  • Next, I made a list with 3 writing services companies and I decided to start looking for ‘proof’ these companies are reliable ;
  • I looked up several genuine testimonials regarding each company. I found online many reviews posted by real people (customers) who used the services of the company. Stay away from reading reviews posted directly on the website of the company, as these might be faked. Search for reviews scattered on forums, reviews sites and other such individual sources. 
  • Then I found Jim's blog (thank you Jim! Your reviews saved me a lot of time) and choose service.

While looking for someone to write my paper for me, I also contacted those few companies I thought worth checking out. I talked directly to the writers, and I asked for samples. I just wanted to make sure the work they deliver is indeed high quality, and that the pages are written by Native English speakers. From the 3 companies, I narrowed my list to two very reliable ones. These two companies delivered samples right away, and I was able to stay in constant communication with the writers.

Now, I had to decide which company to choose for my paper. Basically, I started looking for features, bonuses, and I also started to comparison shop. I wanted to see which company offers the best deals, and which charges the most budget friendly prices. My job was quite easy. After half an hour of comparison shopping, I chose the company that offered a great deal of bonuses and a 20% first order discount.

Then, I signed up to become a member and immediately uploaded my files for the writers. I added a description of what I need, the number of pages required and mentioned the resources that should be cited in my paper.

In about 24 hours, I got a response. The writer I hired to write a paper for me, sent me the first 10 pages I could review. I was extremely satisfied with the result, so I just asked the writer to continue writing the 50 pages of the research paper. You can find the perfect writer to help; you just need to research carefully online!