Thursday, September 22, 2016

Is It Wrong To Get Someone To Write My Essay For Me?

Can I ask someone to write my essay for me and get away with it?

It's perfectly normal, not to mention understandable, that every single student has trouble with some of their essays. Difficult subjects and a lack of time can leave them lost and unable to write a decent essay. So a stressed and struggling student can be relieved to find out about the existence of essay writing companies. But as they prepare to ask "help me write my essay", the student stops and wonders if they're doing the right thing. Will they get into trouble if they submit work someone else has written, even if it's original? Should they just do their best on their own, even if the essay isn't very good? This can leave them even more confused. They know they need help, yet worry that asking for help will cause more problems than they had in the first place.

Write my essay

It's true that it wouldn't be very honest to ask someone to "write me an essay". If you're having trouble with a paper, it's better to admit it and ask for guidance from your tutor or get hints from fellow students. Submitting a paper that has no contribution from you could still give you problems later on, as you won't have improved your knowledge of the subject. However, using the services of an essay writing company can be very valuable if used in the following way: as a learning tool. The person who writes your paper has plenty of experience, so the work they produce for you can give you useful hints on writing papers and how to approach the topic of the paper. So the answer to your ethical dilemma is that you can ask someone to "write my essay for me", but not submit it as is - write your own paper based on it instead.