Saturday, June 25, 2016

Can Anyone Write Essays For Money?

Anyone could type my essay... or could they?

Some people are a little cynical about essay services and think that they don't really do much for the money they charge. "Anyone could write me an essay," they think - "students only ask for essay writing because they're too lazy to do their own work!" That's simply not true. There are many reasons why students want to purchase an essay, such as having trouble understanding the question or being too short of time to give the paper the attention it needs. And as for professional essay writing being something anyone can do, that couldn't be more wrong. It may be true that anyone can write an essay, but one thing is sure - not everyone can write a good essay, let alone a great one. If it really was that simple, there would not be any need for essay writing services; everyone would be able to write a paper even in a hurry. But the demand for such services shows that good essay writing is hard to achieve.

Only the best can write my essay for me

Anyone who is going to write essays for money needs to be competent, dedicated, and thorough, as well as being knowledgeable on many subjects. They must pay close attention to detail and be committed to providing clients with top-quality work. Good writing also comes from experience, and that is something non-professionals simply don't have enough of. Professional essay writers constantly work on polishing their skills with each essay that they write, and appreciate the importance of supplying excellent papers. In short, companies simply wouldn't be able to deliver client satisfaction if they employed any old writer. So it becomes clear that a good skill set is needed to compose a quality paper. When you ask a paper writing company to "write my essays", most will have selected their writers with care.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I asked, "Who can write my essay for me" and aced my assignment

You know what is sadly surprising, when you do something that you think is awesome, only to realize that a bunch of other people did it before you. I have done number of things that were awesome. After driving up to a McDonalds drive through and paying, I said, 'Keep the change you filthy animal' like from the movie Home Alone. Plus, one time I once shot a rifle through a milk bottle and the bottle didn't smash except where the bullet left it. In addition, one time I asked, "Who can write my essay for me" and aced my assignment. Sadly, I was not the first person to ever do it.

Whom did I ask to write my essay?

I used an essay writing service that I found online and I was expecting a sloppily written piece of garbage back when I said, 'Help me write my essay' and paid them, but to my surprise is was a top scoring essay.

I was very surprised and couldn't wait to brag about it to my friends, only to then realize that they had been using essay writing services for months and that I was the only loser that had been writing his own essays.

Why not ask my friends to write my essay for me?

I did think about asking my friends to write me an essay because they seemed to be doing them so easily. I wanted to ask, 'Write essay for me' but they would have said no because it turns out that they were using essay writing services too. Now I use essay writing services as much as I can. There are times when I still write my own essays, but it is usually only when I have run out of money and cannot afford to pay a writing company.