Monday, October 31, 2016

Best Writing Companies

Finding the right writing company can sometimes be very stressful due to fake web-sites. In this article you can read about top 5 writing companies that are US based.
Recently, I have been in a situation to need to find an agency that will write my essay for me. Until then I have had never used writing companies to write my essays, but since it was an exam season, I could not accomplish to finish all of my obligations.
I needed fast results and high quality. Because of that, I decided to conduct a small research regarding companies that can help me, and whose writers could write my essay for me according to my instructions. Today, writing market is quite diverse and there are many companies providing writing assistance.
Despite the fact that most of these companies have internet presentation, there are many scam agencies in this market. Many companies are employing freelance writers who do not speak English as the first language and due to that they could write my essays with low quality.
At the same time, there are companies which even provide plagiarized content and present it as it is original. In addition, several of my colleagues from the University had bad experiences with communication with writers, with deadlines or even with fake companies that claim to be US based, but actually come from completely different parts of the world.
Due to above mentioned reasons, before I chose the best writing company to write my essay online, I analyzed several companies in depth and in this article you will be able to read what companies make the best impression on me during this research. Essay Writing Service Picture

1. is certainly one of the top 5 companies working in the writing market at this moment. They were established 1997 and until now they have achieved a respected reputation among clients and competitors. After analysis of their web-site I found out that it is very well organized, it provides all required information, and I got the impression this company could write my essay online with high quality and according to the given instructions.
Numerous positive testimonials say in favor of their quality, efficiency and professionalism. In addition, they have a quite useful blog on their web-site where I could find the information that can help me with my writing of other papers for the University. Their pricing policy is very transparent and I could easily find information I was looking for.
At the first glance, I realized this company could write my essay for me cheap since one page of Art essay written within 10 day costs from $19.99 to $23.99, depending on the quality level. Apart from essays, I checked prices for other writing forms as well and, for instance, one dissertation page written within 20 days costs from $22.99 to $30.99, whereas solving of math problem should be paid between $28.99 and $33.99 with a 5 day deadline.
Except quality level, paper type and deadline, writing subject and additional features increase the total cost. Papers related to engineering and technology are more expensive, whereas clients who need extra service, such as VIP service, TOP 10 writers or professional proofreading have to pay extra money. This company has several discount policies. Due to that I could apply write my essay promo code (20essay) for the first time clients. Payment is proceeding via secured network, and this company does not use PayPal, whereas they accept VISA, Master and Maestro card.
This company has very experienced and reliable client support team that can be contacted via US toll free call, and online chat. Client support team was very efficient and they responded on my questions ASAP. I got all required information regarding their working process and previous experience, and they were even interested to send me samples of similar papers they wrote in the past. Essay Writing Service Picture


The second writing company on this list is Before I decided to ask them to write my essay for me, review available on the internet had given me a trust in their skills and expertise. After the initial trial of their writing, I was more than impressed with their wide-ranging offer, excellent client support and enormous experience.
This is definitely a company which provides superior papers. is a company with more than 15 years of writing experience. They were establish 1997. This company has a writing team consisting of highly educated writers with at least a Masters degree. Despite this, many of their writers have a PhD degrees as well. In addition, when managers of this company have to decide who will write my students’ essay they are looking for the writer with relevant educational background and the highest possible degree.
The quality of provided work by the writers’ of this company is impressive and it can be checked online in the samples section of the web-site. I analyzed several samples and some of them, such as “Are Men Necessary?”, and ” Great Leaders: Are They Born Or Made?” are impressive. All papers are written from scratch, and 100% original. Their client support is very responsive and can be reached via online chat, toll free call and email.
Compared to other similar companies, has above average offer which, apart from standard writing forms, includes assignments solving and resume service. Since at that I needed help to finish one art essay, I decided to contact them and to place the order.
My order was not so urgent (10 days deadline) and due to that I paid $19.99 per page for papers written on Standard level. If I wanted more urgent order (48 h deadline) I would have to pay more ($32.99). In addition, papers written on Premium and Platinum level cost more, $21.99 and $24.99, respectively (with 10 days deadline). All in all, I did not regret for contacting to write my college essay. After I decided to give them opportunity to write my essay students from my class did the same and all of them were very satisfied with gained results. Essay Writing Service Picture


The third place on this list of highly quality essay writing agencies is reserved for This is a company that could easily help me to write my essay, write my research paper, or even to write my term paper for a very reasonable price, with an above average quality and within the arranged deadline.
Due to that, I decided to recommend it to all students who need companies to help them with their academic assignments. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of is a very effective client support that was available to answer my to all my questions and doubts. I contacted them via online chat, although they were available via US toll free call and email. Since I needed help with essay writing, I decided to firstly read their samples available online and I was impressed with their quality.
They managed to cover all requirements of academic writing, with above average quality. Comparing to other similar companies, this one covers more writing forms typically ordered by students. Clients can get an impression about their prices easily by entering information in online ordering request. The prices are expressed on per page basis and they are the same as for many other similar companies.
I wanted to order an essay and it costs $19.99 per page for 10 days deadline and standard quality. On the other hand, more urgent orders are more expensive and if I wanted to order an essay written within 48 h I would have to pay $32.99 per page for standard quality. Standard quality is acceptable for undergraduate students. My colleagues on higher academic levels, such as Master, or PhD, should use Premium or Platinum level since they would be sure that the writers have strong background and PhD degrees.
All students who want to have extra services can order them during order placement, but these can sometimes be very expensive. All in all, this is a company that can easily write my essay for me with very high quality and completely according to the mine instructions. I would recommend it to all students who need reliable partners in finishing their educational obligations. Essay Writing Service Picture


The fifth place on the list of companies that could write my essay with high quality, 100% originality and according to my instructions is It is a company with nearly 20 years of experience in this branch and during this time it created a strong reputation among students worldwide. I decided to contact this company to write my essay because of very positive user testimonials available online.
In addition, after reviewing their sample papers I was impressed with their writing style and quality. Samples are available online, on their web-site and clients who are interested in reviewing their skills should go through them just to be sure what they can expect. From my point of view, their samples are perfectly formatted, written according to academic rules, concise and written from scratch. Essays have clear ideas and personal note, so high marks can be expected for them.
I was very pleased to note that their client support team is ready to answer to all of my questions and it was online 24/7. I tried to contact them via email, even though they have online chat and toll free telephone number. According to the these impressions, I decided that this is a company that certainly deserves my trust to write my essay for me. The prices of their service are reasonable and they depend on several factors.
The most important are: deadline, paper type, quality level and extra features. I needed an essay written within 10 days, and calculated price for it was $21.99 per page for standard quality. If I wanted a higher quality (premium or platinum) I would have paid $23.99 or $26.99, respectively. In addition, extra features such as top 10 writer, vip support or 1-page summary increases the price significantly.
All in all, this is a company that can help students at all academic levels to finish their obligations and assignment, and from my point of view, it surely deserves my trust to write my essay for me.